January/February 2018
Just the Facts

Kessler_leadthb.jpg Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post fact checker, was especially busy last year. As a pioneer of the journalism trend of checking the facts behind the words of prominent people, he and his team have been awarding “Pinocchios” at a rapid rate. But in a time of “alternative facts” and “fake news” does anyone still care?

Waiting for Trebek
DavidKleinman_thb.jpg "I've always been a bit of a dork," says Jeopardy! contestant (and BAM intern) David Kleinman ’20.
Looking for Nature

LucasFoglia_thb.jpg Humans may have replaced much of the natural world with their own, but the need for contact with nature persists.

From the President
HowardSwearer_thb.jpg The Swearer Center's engaged scholarship is a key to integrating teaching, research, and service around the public good.
No Bonfires, Please
Delaney_woodshop_thb.jpg Archibald "Archie" Delany spent a lot of his time preventing students from burning down the campus.
Gone Before First Breath

SusanValoff_thb.jpg Each year millions of fetuses die late in pregnancy for reasons usually unknown. Brown scientists want to know why.