Brown Alumni Magazine Online This is the syndicated feed for the Brown Alumni Magazine. Use it in your newsreader. 2018-02-07T15:57:26+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.2 No Bonfires, Please 2018-01-25T11:42:07+01:00 2018-01-25T11:42:07+01:00 2018-01-25T11:42:07+01:00 Archibald Archie Delany spent a lot of his time preventing students from burning down the campus. What Do You Think? 2018-01-25T11:05:55+01:00 2018-01-25T11:05:55+01:00 2018-01-25T11:05:55+01:00 Readers comment on changes at WBRU, balancing cybersecurity with privacy, and women role models. Humans and Animals 2018-01-25T10:59:57+01:00 2018-01-25T10:59:57+01:00 2018-01-25T10:59:57+01:00 Christian Suarez ’18 developed an independent concentration to view animals as more than leather and meat. WWJD? 2018-01-23T15:08:33+01:00 2018-01-23T15:08:33+01:00 2018-01-23T15:08:33+01:00 Who first asked the question: What Would Jesus Do? Hint: he went to Brown. Have a Wafel Break 2018-01-23T15:04:04+01:00 2018-01-23T15:04:04+01:00 2018-01-23T15:04:04+01:00 Rip Pruisken ’10 thinks Rip van Wafels could be the next Oreo. Starbucks is willing to bet that he could be right. Fresh Ink 2018-01-23T15:00:32+01:00 2018-01-23T15:00:32+01:00 2018-01-23T15:00:32+01:00 A thriller in post-Soviet Cuba, inside LBJ's White House, and a debut novel set in Brooklyn. Interracial Dialogue 2018-01-23T14:08:09+01:00 2018-01-23T14:08:09+01:00 2018-01-23T14:08:09+01:00 Natasha K. Warikoo ’95 examines two contrasting approaches to diversity: Brown's and Harvard's. A New Sitcom 2018-01-23T14:04:04+01:00 2018-01-23T14:04:04+01:00 2018-01-23T14:04:04+01:00 Four Brown alums working on CBS's 9JKL show that no, you can't really go home again and expect it to be the same. No Boundaries 2018-01-23T14:01:47+01:00 2018-01-23T14:01:47+01:00 2018-01-23T14:01:47+01:00 A new cookbook by Rachel Yang ’00 takes Korean cuisine to unusual places. Check out her sweet spicy sauce recipe. Big League 2018-01-23T13:55:28+01:00 2018-01-23T13:55:28+01:00 2018-01-23T13:55:28+01:00 Can Hayley Moore ’08 succeed in bringing fans to support a professional women's ice hockey league? Trivia Hunter 2018-01-23T13:51:26+01:00 2018-01-23T13:51:26+01:00 2018-01-23T13:51:26+01:00 As head of research for The Crown, Annie Sulzberger ’04 wants to immerse you in the world of Queen Elizabeth II. Stop Shaking Hands! 2018-01-23T13:46:08+01:00 2018-01-23T13:46:08+01:00 2018-01-23T13:46:08+01:00 Should health-care workers in hospitals stop shaking hands to prevent the spread of easily transmitted disease? Legislative Baby 2018-01-23T13:43:33+01:00 2018-01-23T13:43:33+01:00 2018-01-23T13:43:33+01:00 As Massachusetts’s youngest state rep, Solomon Goldstein-Rose ’16 hopes his success inspires others to get involved. Wonder Woman 2018-01-23T13:39:08+01:00 2018-01-23T13:39:08+01:00 2018-01-23T13:39:08+01:00 Angela Robinson ’92 left TV writing rooms to write and direct Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. RoboCat 2018-01-23T13:24:55+01:00 2018-01-23T13:24:55+01:00 2018-01-23T13:24:55+01:00 Researchers from Brown and Hasbro are exploring the use of animatronic robots to remind senior citizens to take their pills. Brown at Fenway 2018-01-23T13:23:09+01:00 2018-01-23T13:23:09+01:00 2018-01-23T13:23:09+01:00 For the football team, the 2017 Fenway Park highlight was not the Boston Red Sox playoff game. Training Uniters 2018-01-23T13:20:36+01:00 2018-01-23T13:20:36+01:00 2018-01-23T13:20:36+01:00 We checked in with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez ’83, who is now a Watson Institute fellow. Lost In Space 2018-01-23T13:16:13+01:00 2018-01-23T13:16:13+01:00 2018-01-23T13:16:13+01:00 Brown undergrads are sending a mini-satellite to the International Space Station to test batteries. Middle Class Relief 2018-01-23T13:13:17+01:00 2018-01-23T13:13:17+01:00 2018-01-23T13:13:17+01:00 Thanks to aggressive fund-raising, beginning this fall University-packaged financial aid will no longer include loans. Bricks & Mortar 2018-01-23T13:06:02+01:00 2018-01-23T13:06:02+01:00 2018-01-23T13:06:02+01:00 A quick look at the new buildings and renovations that have transfomed the campus over the last decade.